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Birthdate:Nov 8
In a long forgotten city many thousands of years ago, gods lived among their people. Melkor was one such god, given the providence over death. He and his brother Ash lived among the other gods in wealth and power. Eventually, as all things do, their power waned as their people died off and soon they were forgotten.

Forgotten, but still alive.

Melkor, always having an interest in power, slowly started to build it in various countries and among various peoples. Their own religions, especially Christianity, were always too strong for him to be a god figure, so he allowed himself the pleasure of building an empire in business. Allowing the web of his influence to spread around the globe.

Now in modern times, he is the ruler of a global business empire, though most people don't know how far it goes.

Currently he has a son, Theodred, who he named after the Lord of the Ring's character. He is unabashedly a fan of the book.

He is not evil because he's the god of death. He would be insulted if you thought of him such and then proceed to wipe your existence off the face of the planet so that not even your own mother knew who you were. He's not even evil at all. He's just got a different view of things as he's a god and you're not.

((Melkor is part of the Dawn of the Old Gods universe, along with [info]deadmanbusiness , [info]engineermage, [info]undeadgodnstar as well as [info]reincarnshaman))
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